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operator validator config

config a validator
operator validator config [OWNER_ADDRESS] [flags]


--bls string set node BLS PublicKey
--canDelegate set if validator can delegate (default true)
--commission float set validator commission (default 10)
-h, --help help for config
--logo string configure validator logo URI
--maxDelegation float set validator max delegation (default 1e+08)
--name string set validator name
--rewards string set validator rewards address (default "OWNER")
--uris stringToString validator uris (default [])

Options inherited from parent commands

-c, --create-only only create transaction to be signed later
--fromAddress string overwrite fromAddress
--kdaFee string use KDA to pay for fees
-k, --key-file string set walelt pem file --key-file=./walletKey.pem (default "./walletKey.pem")
--message stringArray set TX message --message="MyMessage"
-m, --multi-files stringArray add more files to sign tx. Ex: -m=./file.pem -m=./file2.pem
-n, --node string entrypoint to node API --node=http://node.testnet.klever.finance (default "http://localhost:8080")
--nonce uint set TX nonce --nonce=33
-p, --password string[="*"] --password=MY_SECRET
--password-file string path to a file containing the password
--permID int32 set TX permission ID --permID=0


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