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Create Account

How to create a new account address on Klever Blockchain
Creating an account on the Klever Blockchain is easy and can be done in three ways:
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    Download the Klever Wallet from our website: https://klever.finance/wallet/ The Klever Wallet is a secure and user-friendly way to create and manage your Klever account. Simply download the wallet, install it on your device, and follow the prompts to create your account.
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    Install the Klever Wallet extension on your Chrome browser: https://klever.finance/klever-extension
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      The Klever Wallet extension allows you to create and manage your account directly from your Chrome browser. Simply install the extension and follow the prompts to create your account.
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    You can also create an account on the Klever Blockchain by using code. You can use the Klever API or SDK to create an account and generate a private key. Please refer to our API documentation for more information on how to do this.
//import the sdk
var sdk = require("@klever/sdk");
//create a new klever account for klv and kda tokens
var klvAccount = await sdk.utils.generateKeyPair()
//check your private key and address
Whichever method you choose, be sure to keep your private key safe and secure. Your private key is used to access and manage your account, so it is important to store it in a safe place and never share it with anyone.
Create your account today and start exploring the world of decentralized applications on the Klever Blockchain!