Klever Docs

How to register a validator using CLI

Registering a validator is done in this way:
docker run -it --rm --user "$(id -u):$(id -g)" \
-v $(pwd)/wallet:/opt/klever-blockchain \
--network=host \
--entrypoint=/usr/local/bin/operator \
kleverapp/klever-go:latest \
--key-file=./walletKey.pem \
--node=https://node.mainnet.klever.finance \
validator create \
klv1h7vx629mwuv4pnecn0k9clxp9rt7rquat3kvydgu8npt20e0ntjq3jhd40 \
--bls=ce3aa977d1028e2a91730259c4b66cd862b77c63253fa12932012288108a0b7f110da4a2e3e1c15cc94802a79afef418f9a724a1ebe1423c0fa897bae669f1735b082ff3f19b3e00acc76a2bb0f31b1856e3e55952655386fbedad9c55322b81 \
--rewards=klv1h7vx629mwuv4pnecn0k9clxp9rt7rquat3kvydgu8npt20e0ntjq3jhd40 \
--name=MyValidatorName \
--logo="https://klever.finance/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/logo.svg" \
--commission=5 \
--maxDelegation=12000000 \
The command follows this pattern:[OWNER_ADDR].
--bls is the BLS key --rewards is the address to whom the rewards are given. --name represents the Node name. --logo is the URL for the validator's image. --commission is the commission of the validator. --maxDelegation is the max amount of delegation the validator can receive. --uris is a key=value list of URIS.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct BLS pub key
  • Same as for send from CLI, one can also use public node to send the transaction