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Masternode producers
There are 21 Producers per epoch.
21 producers are selected and at the end of each epoch, 6 producers are removed while 6 new are added at the start, the removal and new selection are performed randomly using the epoch start block random seed. The block random seed is generated by the signature of the last block random seed by the block proposer, ensuring fair randomization where allocation is provided by chance.
For every block a block proposer is selected using the last block random seed among the 21 producers of the epoch. The block proposer is responsible for selecting and ordering the transactions to be packed in the current block. To be accepted the proposed block must be accepted and cosigned by 2/3 of the current epoch producers group.
If a producer was performing badly at the end of the epoch, it will go to jail and then a new one will be selected to replace it.
Only actively-producing nodes (with 10M+ KLV) will earn blocks and transaction fees. The other masternodes (with 1,5M to 10M KLV) will participate only in the staking pool.
Masternodes with less than 1,5M KLV in self-staking will remain inactive.
Last modified 11mo ago