Klever Finance
Network fees

Transaction fees

The blockchain fees are regulated by an on-chain voting mechanism. For each type of transaction, the fee will be different.

Type of Transactions

  • Transfer: 1 KLV
  • Create Asset: 1.000 KLV
  • Create Validator: 100.000 KLV
  • Validator Configuration: 500 KLV
  • Freeze: 1 KLV
  • Unfreeze: 1 KLV
  • Delegate: 1 KLV
  • Undelegate: 1 KLV
  • Claim: 1 KLV
  • Redeem: 1 KLV
  • Withdraw: 100 KLV
  • Unjail: 10.000 KLV

Swap fees

All swap fees are paid in KLV and the users can reduce their swap fees by holding KLV.

Bandwith fees

These fees vary according to the size and type of the transactions. They are currently set as 0.01KLV per data byte.